Marriage Proposals
So you meet the man of your dreams. Usually it is the cafeteria or restaurant near your office, or the shopping mall or the jogging park. And then comes a series of meeting. You like go out with him for movies, spend weekends. You decide that you feel great with him and can be the […]
If you want to be successful with women, you MUST be good at flirting. I really cannot stress this enough. A lot of men I work with seem to hate flirting and they take pride in the fact that they don’t get caught up in all those little “games”. Here’s a newsflash: Seduction IS a […]
Usually, it follows that once you get married you will have children at some point. Most of the time though, no one will tell you about how much impact having kids will have on most relationships. It is a total change having kids, and most couples will tell you how massive the change is. Frequently, […]
Relationships usually start well. Both partners treat each other with love and respect. Then something happens to you or your partner and you get angry. When you’re mad at someone, you can’t be in the same place with that person. There is a huge gap between you and the other person you’re angry at. Soon, […]
The word friend or friendship can mean different things to different people. We can have friends from childhood, grammar school, college, or from moving around the country. We can meet people when we go to a party or people in our workplace, or neighborhood. Most of these people are friendly acquaintances. However, each of us […]
What Makes a Guy Fall in Love Do you have right amount of dating experience to know what makes a guy fall in love? If not, do you need help in from experts so you can learn how to win his heart? Do you want to beginning a new relationship with a special person, but […]
Have you ever heard intimacy described that way? Recently I read an article by Ed and Deb Shapiro that added another piece to this simple description of intimacy. Intimacy – Into Me I See – Into Me You See! Most of us, when we think about and talk about intimacy, we are talking about our […]
Tips For Men Dating chat rooms are the best places online to find your perfect match. Whether you are looking for a brown, black, booty or petite lady, you will surely find them in these flooded rooms. How can I get laid fast is a question that rings in almost every man’s mind. However, in […]
7 Qualities That Exist In One There exist friends that are good for you and friends that are bad for you. Sorting out who is best for you is as simple and reading this list of qualities and seeing who exist. They Want What Is Best For The Other A good friend wants only your […]