Artistry of Love
John & Mary

Artistry of Love

John & I both joined Dating Australia on the same day! His profile was the first one I saw and my message to him was the
Online Dating
Peter & Jane

Retired Online Daters

Both Peter and I were online dating veterans by the time we met on Dating Australia.
Second Chance Love
Tony & Laura

Second Chance at Love

Tony and I met as teenagers. We dated for a few months, but that ended like most teenage relationships do.
Perfect Match Dating
James & Gloria

My Perfect Match

I had gotten out of a long term relationship. I wasn’t ready for anything serious at the time, but wanted to get
Long Distance Love
Dennis & Sharon

Long Distance Love

You know the saying. Long distance romances never work. And I believed that for most of my life.
Dating - Love
Steven & Holly

Love at First Sight

Holly has always been a bit of a skeptic. So when her friends told her to join Dating Australia